Worthy of Trust – Sunday, May 16, 2021

“In God we trust” is the national motto of the United States of America. Those four words, found on coins and bills, buildings and license plates, remind us of our ultimate source of confidence and security, peace and prosperity. That’s a healthy reminder because our natural habit is to trust ourselves—our own limited views and limited strength. When that fails, as it often doesit’s comforting to know that a loving, trustworthy God neither slumbers nor sleeps as He watches over us.1 That doesn’t mean life will be easy, but we can trust that the future is in God’s hands and will be filled with evidence of His goodness and grace.  

If we want to reach that kind of assurance, trust in God must be more than a motto, more than a bumper sticker. For many people today, however, trusting is hard. We live in such a distrustful worldwhere trust has been fractured so often, that some decide that the only one they can trust is themselves. 

Of course, it’s true that not everyone can be trusted, and we must be wise and discerning when granting anyone our trust. Even so, walso know that every meaningful relationship is built on trust. Without trust, our relationships are superficial and empty. Yes, trust can be damaged and destroyed, but thankfully, it can also be created. And when it has been broken, it can even be restored with patience and sincere effort over time 

So maybe the best way to make the world a more trusting place is to be more trustworthourselves. We can all strive to be more reliable and truthful in everything we do. If past experiences have made us hesitant to trust others, we can seek out and hold fast to that which is trustworthy. And if we need a place to start, we can return to an old, familiar motto and remember that there is One who will never forsake us, One whose integrity is perfect and unchanging, One who is worthy of our trust. 


May 16, 2021
Broadcast Number 4,783

The Tabernacle Choir
Orchestra at Temple Square

Mack Wilberg
Ryan Murphy

Joseph Peeples

Lloyd Newell

My God Is So High
African American spiritual; arr. Ryan Murphy

Deep River
African American spiritual; arr. Mack Wilberg

Theodore Dubois

The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare
Dmitri Bortniansky; arr. Mack Wilberg

One Person, from Dear World
Jerry Herman; arr. Ryan Murphy

Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
American folk hymn; arr. Mack Wilberg