About Us

Music & the Spoken Word

On the air for 93 years and over 4,800 weekly broadcasts, Music & the Spoken Word is the longest-running uninterrupted network broadcast in the world. Its audience continues to grow as more people tune to its half hour of uplifting music and inspiring prose.

Music & the Spoken Word programs are available Free of Charge to all media platforms.

“There are things that Music &the Spoken Word is, and there are things that it is not. For instance, it is not a worship service. The program has always been designed to be a non-denominational program, and to be enjoyed by people of many walks of faith. Also, it is not a concert. It is, in fact, as the title implies, a program of inspirational music and spoken word.” — Mack Wilberg, Choir Director —

Featuring modern and traditional arrangements of spiritual, patriotic, popular, classical and contemporary music coupled with timely, inspiring prose, Music & the Spoken Word becomes an uplifting, rejuvenating destination that listeners and viewers return to every week.